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Anima Poetry Press is a small publisher specialising in contemporary poetry which engages with mythology, metaphysics, symbolism, depth psychology and transcendence—poems which touch on those poles of human experience which might be called 'Soul' and 'Spirit'. We look for work which doesn't take for granted the primacy of sense and reason while resisting the temptation to retreat from the modern world.

At the moment we are not accepting submissions

Anima Magazine

Anima Magazine became quiescent in 2018. We are leaving open the option of restarting the project in the future. Back issues of the magazine are still available to purchase on this website.

Anima magazine was a beautifully produced, annual, perfect-bound publication of some fifty pages We published both free verse and formal poems, being particularly interested in work that brings a fresh and contemporary edge to traditional forms.
Contact: Anima Poetry Press, Cissbury, Ashfield Road, Midhurst, West Sussex. GU29 9JS.
Submissions: Anima is closed for submissions.

Anima Issue 5
£8.50 + Shipping
Featuring work from guest poet Mat Osmond and also: Alicia Bessette, Amalia Fish, Anne Spring, Becca Menon, Cara L McKee, David Capps, Dawn Gorman, Don Russ, Edward Calcutt, Elena Botts, Faiz Ahmad, Hélène Demetriades, Hiromi Yoshida, Huw Lawrence, Isabel Chenot, James Harpur, James Norcliffe, Jeremy Bryant, John Timothy Robinson, Jonah Howell, Kathryn Southworth, Marc Forster, Margaret Frozena, Marie Elena Gaspari, Michael Smith, Nancy Corson Carter, Peter Branson, Peter Hague, Phil Vernon, Priscilla Frake, Raine Geoghegan, Sam Davidson, Sara Barnett, Simon Perchik, Simon Roche, Stephen Lefebure, Tina Morris, Victoria Crawford.

Anima Issue 4
£8.50 + Shipping
Featuring guest poets Penelope Shuttle, Dikra Ridha, James Simpson and Victoria Field, and also: Alicia Cole, Amy Huffman, Angela Arnold, Anna Dear, Bobby Steve Baker, Carl Tillona, Caroline Howlett, Colin Crewdson, Dennis Trujillo, Dikra Ridha, Floki Moriarty, Hannah Wells, Janet McCann, James Simpson, Jaz Dalrymple, John Warner Smith, Kilby Austin, Kimo Armitage, Laurie Petersen, Leonard Zawadski, Louise Warren, Lucy Soutter, M Sanchez, Marcus James, Michelle Brooks, Miki Fukuda, Natalie Crick, Penelope Shuttle, Peter Hague, Phil Vernon, Richard Hawtree, Robert E. Petras, Samir Nomani, Susan Taylor, Tova McKenzie-Bassant, Victoria Emms, Victoria Field, and William Thompson.

Anima Issue 3
£8.50 + Shipping
Issue 3 is our biggest and best yet. In its 73 pages we range across space and time—from ecstatic Medieval Persian mysticism to contemporary Alien encounters in the USA—and through a gamut of perceptions of the eternal which encompasses both Zen-like expressions of insight, clarity and transcendence, and the confusion of embodied life with all its complexity, richness and shadow.

Featuring: Alex Mazey, Andra Emilia Fenton, Andrew Christiansen, Anna Dear, B.R. Strahan, Basil du Toit, Bruce Alford, Calvin Olsen, Charles Kell, Chris Riseley, Christien Gholson, Darrell Petska, Djelloul Marbrook, Eliot Keirl, Gabriel Arquilevich, Hossein Rahmani, James Morris, Jared Carter, Jenni Gribble, Jeremy Grant, João Luís Barreto Guimarães, John Newson, Justin Davis, Kevin McCoy, Mario Petrucci, Michael De Rosa, Miki Fukuda, Morgan Eklund, Peter Roberts, Richard Marranca, Rita Moe, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Seth Jani & Steve Pelletier.

Poetry Collections

Leaves Like Spindrift by Isabel Chenot

£8.95 + shipping

Isabel Chenot is an example of that rare poet who possesses a lyrical voice which speaks as much to the head as the heart. The poems in this volume — her first collection — reflect on glimpses of eternity found in everyday, ephemeral experiences. In doing so they express a vision of the natural world within which one may find flashes of astonishing beauty in unexpected places. She writes that, “poetry has a special capacity in its musical aspect for amorphous shadows of thought”. That delicate musical suggestiveness is found in abundance in this lovely book.

Reviews of 'Leaves Like Spindrift'

“Images of birds, leaves, light and water permeate these subtle and moving poems. Isabel Chenot’s vision is one where eternity is to be perceived in all the minute details of the natural world, if only we could adopt her ability to be still and alive to the amazing detail offered by light on water or the miracle of a bird in flight. This poet is acutely aware of transience and in these careful and precise poems uses interweaving themes and images to create a collection of beauty and celebration. I see these poems as reflecting the divine in all its forms, with the same intelligence and reverence as poets such as Kathleen Raine, Wendell Berry and Mary Oliver. This is a collection to treasure for its timelessness and accessibility, one that offers wonder, solace and ultimately peace.” — Victoria Field

Music : Krzysztof Andrzej Jeżewski, trans. Patrick John Corness

£9.99 + shipping

This work consists of a cycle of 64 poems—“a mystical quest for God through music”. There is an introductory essay by Jeżewski, and alongside the poems are paintings by Michał Józefowicz. The English translation by award-winning translator Corness faces the original Polish text.

“ music itself not in fact a kind of contemplation of the eternal enigma, expressed through sound, an enigma equivalent to Eternal Beauty?”

Krzysztof Jeżewski is the recipient of numerous awards: the Karol Szymanowski medal, the ZAiKS [Society of Polish Authors] award, the Konstanty A. Jeleński award conferred by the Paris literary journal Kultura [Culture] and the Polish PEN-Club award.

Patrick Corness is an award winning literary translator. He is visiting Professor of Translation at Coventry University and Honorary Research ­Fellow at the University of Leeds.

Paperback 129x198mm170 Pages

Reviews of 'Music'

“It is poetry of exuberant imagination, rich in polyphonic vocabulary, expressions and symbols.” Bohdan Pociej

“Of all the arts, music is most able to express our sense of the ineffable and sublime. This cycle of poems by the Polish poet Jezewski is both a moving tribute to that power and a personal exploration of the metaphysical dimension of life.” Peter Abbs

“An invitation, full of charm and verbal magic, to the world of Harmony. It also offers (at times disturbing) apocalyptic visions, sensations, and mystical explorations stimulated by music. Of this Manichaean division between light and fire, darkness and nothingness, of this dichotomy between silence and sound, is born the response to the mystery of life and death.” Béatrice Nowak

“The reader of Jeżewski’s poetry is witness to the ‘flash of the spark of inspiration’.” Adam Zagajewski

“In Krzysztof Jeżewski’s Music we encounter the re­verse of light; we attain the other face of day.” Gerard Emmanuel da Silva

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