Music : Krzysztof Andrzej Jeżewski, translated by Patrick John Corness

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Music : Krzysztof Andrzej Jeżewski, translated by Patrick John Corness


This work consists of a cycle of 64 poems — “a mystical quest for God through music”. There is an introductory essay by Jeżewski, and alongside the poems are paintings by Michał Józefowicz. The English translation by award-winning translator Corness faces the original Polish text.

“Is music itself not in fact a kind of contemplation of the eternal enigma, expressed through sound, an enigma equivalent to Eternal Beauty?"

Jeżewski is the recipient of numerous awards: the Karol Szymanowski medal, the ZAiKS [Society of Polish Authors] award, the Konstanty A. Jeleński award conferred by the Paris literary journal Kultura [Culture] and the Polish PEN-Club award.

Paperback: 167 pages
Dimensions: 128mmx129mm
ISBN-13: 978-0-9935966-0-5

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“It is poetry of exuberant imagination, rich in polyphonic vocabulary, expressions and symbols.” Bohdan Pociej

“Of all the arts, music is most able to express our sense of the ineffable and sublime. This cycle of poems by the Polish poet Jezewski is both a moving tribute to that power and a personal exploration of the metaphysical dimension of life.” Peter Abbs

“An invitation, full of charm and verbal magic, to the world of Harmony. It also offers (at times disturbing) apocalyptic visions, sensations, and mystical explorations stimulated by music. Of this Manichaean division between light and fire, darkness and nothingness, of this dichotomy between silence and sound, is born the response to the mystery of life and death.” Béatrice Nowak

“The reader of Jeżewski’s poetry is witness to the ‘flash of the spark of inspiration’.” Adam Zagajewski

“In Krzysztof Jeżewski’s Music we encounter the re­verse of light; we attain the other face of day.” Gerard Emmanuel da Silva

“Krzysztof Jeżewski’s poetry does not attempt to translate sound into a visual representation, nor does it seek to characterise in words the style of great composers. It reaches much further, expressing the message of music transformed in terms of the poet’s subjective perception.” Krzysztof Lipka